One of our passions at Igloo Letterpress is passing on a little bit of the vast history of printing to each and every person that visits our studio and shop. And if you'd like to learn more and actually get a little ink under your fingernails, we offer a variety of classes. Pre-registration is encouraged, and you can find a list of classes being offered below:




Introduction to Letterpress

  • This is a great starting class if you've never touched a press or if you're getting back into it after a time away. You will learn to set type, print on a Vandercook #4 proof press, a clamshell press and go home with a handful of personalized items. 

Introduction to Letterpress for Designers

  • If you are a graphic designer, illustrator, creative director, etc..., and you are interested in learning more about how to design for letterpress, this class will help you prepare files for platemaking, teach you the tricks of a great letterpress design, and give you a solid overview of the process.

  • $75pp, geared for ages 18+, classes limited to 5 people, knowledge of the Adobe Creative suite preferred

Gold Foil Notecards

  • Try your hand at heat-process foiling. Using metal type and images, you can choose from a variety of fonts to create a name, word, monogram, or phrase and print 10 copies of a flat notecard on the paper of your choice. You will go home with 10 notecards and matching envelopes 

  • $35pp, geared for ages 15+, classes limited to 6 people

Introduction to Bookbinding

  • There are many ways to bind a book, and we'll teach you some of the most fun! As a class, we will choose the styles we will learn, and each student will get to take home their books.

Custom Letterpress Poster

  • Do you have a name, date, short quote, or quip you'd love to see in letterpress? In this class, we will hand-set wood and lead type and images to create a personalized one-of-a-kind 8x10 poster. Students will take home up to 6 copies of their creation.

Hardback Journal Binding

  • Creating a beautiful hand-bound journal is an experience to remember and makes a lovely family book or gift. Each student will bind one large hardback journal to take home.
  • $50pp, geared for ages 14+, classes limited to 5 people

Wood Type Notebook

  • The perfect melding of printing and binding! Choose a few words or letters, letterpress print the cover, and then attach it to a perfect-bound blank text block to create 2 books with the same design. Great for gifts or to keep for yourself!
  • $40pp, geared for all ages, classes limited to 5 people

Holiday Card Workshop

  • Perfect for adding that personal touch to your holiday mailing, and fun for everyone in the family. 
  • $Various, geared for all ages, each workshop is individual

Personalized Stationery Workshop

  • Join us if you're interested in printing your own set of letterpress stationery, either for yourself, your business, or a gift. This is a great outing for the whole family!
  • $Various, geared for all ages, each workshop is individual



Let Igloo host a unique event that will be sure to make an impression with your guests!

  • Bookbinding Workshop: Select from a variety of softcover designs. Each participant makes their own book to keep. Great for birthdays and book clubs. (1 to 2 hours, $15 - $25 per person)
  • Letterpress shower: Guests print thank you notes for the honored guest (wedding couple, new parents) and a few to take home for themselves! ($175 for 2 hours and 75 notecards)
  • Letterpress Greeting Cards: Provide your own design, or choose from the Igloo collection of vintage type and images to print original note cards. ($150 minimum cost, final price depends on design)
  • Wedding Invitation Printing: A special bonding opportunity for families to work together. (please contact for price information)

Custom Workshops begin at $75 an hour.
Custom Parties begin at $200 for a three-hour event.
Pricing will be provided based on number of participants and project selected.

To set up a custom workshop or party, call 614.787.5528 or email


Do you have a group of 5-18 people interested in learning more about letterpress or bookbinding? We would be happy to set up a private party for you! Prices depend on the number of participants, as well as your choice of activity. Some examples are below, but we are more than happy to create an experience uniquely for you!

1. Hand-bind a hard-back journal using book cloth, decorative papers, and bookboard. ($45 each, 2 hours)

2. Hand-set a notecard using our antique wood and lead type and print a set of 10 cards and envelopes ($30 per person, 2-3 hours)

3. Hand-ink a wood type poster designed by the group and bind a small softcover journal to take home. ($25 per person, 1-2 hours)

4. Gold-foil a set of 10 notecards using our metal type and a variety of foil colors. ($35 per person, 2-3 hours)

Contact us at for more information! (Prices may vary based on the number of students; please contact us for classes for less than 5 or more than 18.)