Wright Brothers

Before achievements in flight, the Wright Brothers began as letterpress printers. Ken Botts of the Wright Brothers USA says, “Igloo not only delivers quality letterpress solutions, They are also sensitive to the Wright brothers’ story which begins with Wright Bros., Job Printers.” Igloo’s paper goods are letterpress printed on their collection of antique presses dating 1892-1962.

The line includes two posters. One is inspired by stamp engravings, and features likenesses of the brothers and their pioneering flight.  The other poster, quoting Orville’s advice to “be born in Ohio”, is also available as a greeting card. It makes an excellent gift for Ohioans and native Buckeyes and their parents.

Igloo also offers a set of postcards, with a representation of the “stamp poster”, as well as a recreation of an ad from their bicycle shop, and a list of milestones in their aviation career.

A set of two greeting cards featuring the iconic Wright Flyer aircraft and quotes from the brothers is new for May 2023.

Igloo offers two different spiral-bound journals, with attractive branding and background images based on technical illustrations and advertisements. Igloo also offers two gifts - a pin featuring a minimalist Wright Brothers monogram logo, and a patch with this logo in bright colors with the Wright Brothers name included.

Visit iglooletterpress.com to view the full collection of officially licensed products.  Wholesale orders can be placed via email or our Faire storefront.