Cookie Party DIY Letterpress Tunnel Book Kit

Our new DIY kit is now available! This beginner level tunnel book is a perfect introductory book arts project. Our tunnel book design features 3 bears decorating cookies in their kitchen.
You can create a story about the bears as you work together to fold and glue the tunnel book. What are the names of each bear? Will they eat all of the cookies or decide to share them with a friend? 
Continue the fun by having your own cookie party following the beloved sugar cookie recipe from Sassafras Bakery.

Each DIY Kit includes the pieces needed to fold and glue the tunnel book together. You will also find a recipe postcard and gift tag to bake and share your own cookies.
Design by Collin Williams Cloudhymns Art + Design
Letterpress printed on 100 lbs. cover weight paper in our Worthington studio.
Completed book is 5.5x6.5"

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